To My Dear Citizens,

I have been under attack from liberal Democrats for many decades.  They are attacking equality for all, freedom, and opportunity.  And I’m writing you to warn you.

The liberal Democrats took God and prayer out of your schools in the 60’s.  And they have removed God from other institutions and your lives.  The word God is nowhere on the Civil Rights mall dedicated to the Civil Rights movement.  The 2020 DNC Convention did not mention God at all.  In the midst of all of the crisis, the liberal Democrats have not called on God and have told you that there is no God.  The liberal Democrats eliminated God from the pledge of allegiance to the flag.  The Democrat congressman eliminated ‘So help me God’ from the oath when individuals are testifying in my halls of Justice.  And recently, Democrats banned attendance at Churches where my people come together to worship God.  The liberal Democrats and the liberal media know that it is God that unites us.  And it is their goal to keep us divided.

Liberal Democrats are now the party of burning cities, looting businesses, and creating mayhem.  Liberal Democrats are dividing you by classes and race.  Liberal Democrats are running many of the media outlets and they are inciting hatred and riots.  CNN, NBC, CBS have all become fake news. There are people like Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, Jim Acosta, Brian Stelter, Dana Bash, and Andrew Coumo with CNN that incite the hatred and rioting with their lies and deceive you by twisting the facts.  And sadly putting criminals, thugs, and murderers ahead of law abiding citizens.

The most difficult thing to watch is how the liberal Democrats and the Godless liberal media have taken advantage of black Americans.  Empty promises from the liberal Democrat politicians have resulted in horrible crime rates among black Americans.  Black children are stuck in failing school systems because the liberal Democrats deny school choice.  It is all a plan by the liberal Democrats and liberal media to have control.  The only thing the liberal Democrats care about is your vote.  And they have achieved it through cognitive dissonance and the Stockholm Syndrome.  Wake up and see what has been happening the last 60 years.  Joe Biden has been in Washington for 47 years and has done nothing except enrich himself at your expense.  And his largest damage has been to my dear black citizens.

Well I have a message of hope to deliver to you.  You see, God loves you and it is He that gives you freedom and power.  Not the government nor the liberal Democrats.  

And there is a man that is leading the fight for you by uniting all you under God.  And that man has confidence in me and in you.  And that man recognizes that all of you are precious in God’s sight.  Red and yellow, black and white, you are precious in His sight, God loves the little children of the world.  Thank God for President Donald Trump.  He knows that All Lives Matter.  Even the lives of the unborn.  And President Trump is the president to All citizens.  

I leave you with this.  Even amidst all of the resistance, the lies, the deceit, the unbelievable corruption, President Trump united you under God’s power and you all accomplished great things the last 3-1/2 years.  Incredible things.  Study the numbers.  Study the stats.  And you will see that President Trump will lead you again to great accomplishments in this land of equality for all, freedom, and opportunity on my soil in this great land.

I pray you continue to unite Under God and make me great again.